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Look What I Stumbled Upon

Hey all, I hope you're all doing well. Today I was looking around the Internet for some cool concept art from video games to share with you guys, during which I stumbled upon the artwork from Stranger of the Village of the Sword, which I think is the literal translation from Japanese because later I found out they translated it as Stranger of Sword City. I found the artwork made for this game awes [...]

The Fantasy That Is The Elder Scrolls Online

I bet some of you guys have bought The Elder Scrolls Online and are playing it right now. Well, I've just uploaded some recently released concept art for all of you, even if you're not playing the video game at all ;-). Most of the environment concept artworks are from Jeremy Fenske, who has already released some other concept art from The Elder Scrolls a couple of months ago and is of course also [...]

Child Of Light By Yoshitaka Amano

Child of Light is one of the latest video games from Ubisoft and it looks gorgeous. The engine they used to create and run the game gave their concept artists the ability the practically incorporate their art directly into the game. And to make things even better, they've asked Yoshitaka Amano, who also created concept art for almost all the Final Fantasy video games, to create one piece of artwor [...]

In The Middel Of A CrossFire

Today I've uploaded some concept art from Korean concept artist Lee Chang Woo made for the video game CrossFire. Unfortunately, and not uncommen, the game itself looks kinda so so which was kind of dissapointing because his artwork looks awesome. Interesting characters and the guy even drew a giant (cyborg?) monster godzilla like thing! See for yourself ;-) [...]

Enjoy Some More Bravely Default

Hey guys, I've added some more concept art to the gallery of Bravely Default. They consist of some environment artwork and character artwork. The game is still on my list of games I want to play (which actually gets longer and longer) so if any of you wants to get rid of his or her Nintendo 3DS or 2DS, give me call ;-P. [...]


Finally, after a drought of a few weeks I have uploaded some concept art for you guys. Today I've added some additions to the gallery of Killzone Shadow Fall all created by Andrejs Skuja. They're all character artworks from the game including civilians, which look pretty interesting fashion wise. Take a look! [...]

The Art of Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Review

Hey guys, I'm apologize for the lack of updates recently. It's been very busy but starting next week I'll finally have some more time on my hands :-). But, on to today's update which is a review of the artbook The Art of Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Again, the nice people from Titan Books were kind enough to provide a review copy so I can tell you guys about the awesome artwork that has been made [...]

Mechs, Mechs, Mechs

I wanna bet that you guys love mechs. I mean, come on, giant, humanoid robots, what's not to love! Ok, maybe not all of you actually love mechs, but still the sketches of today's update are still cool to look at. They're from the video game Xenogears. It's been a while since that game came out but the concept art is still looking good. Of course it's not just mechs. There're character and vehicle [...]

Finally Some Okami!

Phew, now that took a while. I found a whole bunch of concept art from the video game Okami and I never knew there were soooo many NPC's and all of them were named. Of course the image files themselves just had some random number so because I like you guys so much, I took the effort of finding out who's who. I think I got most of them right :-). So, got right ahead and enjoy the 324 pieces of artw [...]

Some More Joe

I'm kind of a fan of Joe Madureira. I loved what he'd done when I was drawing The X-Men for Marvel and his own comic Battlechasers. In the realm of video games, Darksiders and Darksiders II are probably the most well known games he made concept art for. One of his lesser known games is Dungeon Runners. But even though that game can't be played anymore, we can still enjoy the artwork ;-) [...]