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In The Meantime...

While I'm busy gathering concept art from Age of Conan, BioWare has released some environment concept art from their upcoming video game Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can come and enjoy them in the new Dragon Age: Inquisition gallery ;-) [...]

There's soooooo much!

Every where I turn I keep finding a bunch of new concept art from Age of Conan. This unfortunately means that I'm still not finished gathering all of them. Meanwhile however, I've stumbled upon a few new video games related artbooks that are going to be sold and added them to the store. The Art of Titanfall, The Art of Thief, DmC Devil May Cry: Visual Art, SoulCalibur: New Legends of Project Soul [...]

Next weeks spoils

I haven't been able to upload 'new' content, but I recently stumbled upon the soundtrack from Age of Conan which I got with the collectors edition. So I looked back at some of the concept art from the video game and they looked amazing. But it's quite a bit and spread around across a number of websites so it'll take me some time to gather all of it. But here are some teasers ;-) [...]

Something New

I just stumbled across a video game that's still in early development called Outrise and the concept art looked pretty cool. It's multyplayer game where player fight against each other set in the future, but what makes this game different apparently, is that it's a one against many situation where the one player is a big ass giant end boss character. If the end boss character looks anything like t [...]

More Batman Origins

Heya! I've got some more Batman concept art for you. These are some additions to the Batman: Arkham Origins game and they consist of some environment, weapon and character art, all done by Georgi Simeonov. Enjoy! [...]

The Characters From Blackgate

A small update today but not less cool. Calum Alexander Watt has released some concept art of the characters he created for Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. Come and take a look! [...]

Some New Sons of Rome

Happy new year! The festivities have come and gone and now it's back to work. The first additions of 2014 are some concept art works from Kaija Rudkiewicz and Silver Saaremaeel made for the video game Ryse: Son of Rome, which they were finally allowed to show. They also run a web comic together, Run Freak Run, where they also show some of their personal work. [...]

Celistic's Video Game

Hey all! I hope you're all enjoying the holidays. For today I've got you some concept art that was created for the video game Brascot 6, which ties in with the Celistic novel(s). They tried to fund the video game through crowd funding but they were unfortunately not able to reach their goal. As I understand it, they're still trying to build the game regardless, so we might be able to see these con [...]

Merry Christmas!

It's already December 26th, but I wanted to wish all of you a merry Christmas anyway! ;-) For this festive period I've shared two cool holiday art created by Caio Monteiro and Dmitry Burmak. Merry Christmas! [...]

Yakuza Mario

Good day all! Instead of sharing some concept art with you guys, I'd like to show you some artwork from Brazilian artist Eduardo Vieira. I find his artwork really funny, in a cool way, and he has re-imagined Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach as Yakuza members. Just take a look at some initial sketches and the final versions of those three artworks in this post. And if you really like 'm, you're in l [...]