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The Master at Work

Ever wanted to see an artist at work, well, here's your chance. In this video you can see Tetsuya Nomura working an a sketch of Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Besides Kingdom Hearts he has also done some character design for the Final Fantasy series. [...]

All the Lords of War

Hey guys, remember the awesome cinematics Blizzard made called The Burdens of Shaohao? Well, they created something similar for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor. This time it's a five part story called Lords of War where four of the bosses in the expansion are introduced by the storyteller, Maraad, who tells his own story in part five. So like with The Burdens of Shaoh [...]

Angels and Demons and Witches

Phew, I was finally able to make some time and share the latest concept art from Bayonetta 2 with you guys. It contains character artwork of some of the main characters and of the enemies the player will face in the game. Now I wasn't too impressed with the artwork of the demons, but having played the first Bayonetta, I just know it'll look awesome when you play the game! [...]

Golden Oldies

I know you haven't heard from me latelty but it's been crazy busy. Aside from work and thesis writing, I'm also busy with a new design for the website, so yay! But, to give you guys some proof of life, I've found some speed painting videos from 2008's Prince of Persia video game. You can also see these images and more beautiful concept art from the game in it's image gallery. Enjoy! [...]

Resident Evil By Norman Rockwell

I came across a post yesterday on Polygon by Brian Crecente which was too cool not to share. Canadian freelance artist Marco D'Alfonso has created a few Norman Rockwell inspired art pieces. One of which depicts Jill from the video game Resident Evil 3 carrying a butt load of gear, which is directly inspired by Norman Rockwell's Liberty Girl. You can see both pieces below. And if you happen to be [...]

That's A Cool Looking Cartoon...Wait...It's A Video Game?!

Ok, so you guys know that I just uploaded some concept art from the video game Infinite Crisis a couple of hours ago right? And that Devon Cady-Lee is one of the artists that worked on a few of those, right? Well, when I was going through his DeviantART page, I came across a video of a project he's working on called Gigantic. At first I thought it was a new cartoon...but it's not. I really like th [...]

There's A Crisis Coming!

Hey guys and dolls and I got something cool for you superhero lovers! I uploaded some concept art from the video game Infinite Crisis. It's a video game a la League of Legends (Multi-player Online Battle Arena, or MOBA) but with characters from the DC comics universe. So not only will you see concept art from your favourite DC characters in the gallery, but the artists have also made a few redesig [...]

Beautiful Scenery In A Mechanized World

The temperature has reached tropical heights over here so it's a constant battle of not sweating too much to prevent water damage to the keyboard :-P. But on a more positive note, I've finally been able to finish the images with concept art from the video game Titanfall that has been lying around here for the past few weeks. The artists that I've been able to identify are Steve Burg, Tu Bui, James [...]

SciFied Game Characters

Artist Andrew Domachowski thought it'd be a good idea to give a couple of famous video game characters a new futuristic look. And he was right. Mario, Link, Megaman and Sonic have never looked more badass! If you'd like to see more of Andrew Domachowski's work you can go to his Tumblr page. [...]

A Little Bayonetta Sneak Peek

Hey all, it's Friday and today I got you guys some great looking concept art from the upcoming game Bayonetta 2 created by Mari Shimazaki. She was also responsible for the concept art of the first Bayonetta, which I greatly enjoyed playing. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any online portfolios of Mari Shimazaki herself so if you guys know of any, let me know ;-) [...]