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More Ryse From Karakter

Some more concept art from the video game Ryse: Son of Rome today. Just like the latest ones from Killzone Shadow Fall, these have been created by the talented artists from design studio Karakter. Some of these pieces also include some preliminary sketches of the final artworks. So come and take a look! [...]

Some New Art From The Shadows

Hey all, it's been about a week now since I've last uploaded some images, sorry about that. It's been crazy busy the last couple of weeks and it will be busy for coming few weeks as well. So I will probably have a little more trouble to upload new content regularly. But I will try to do this at least once a week. So, on to today's update. I got you guys some environment and vehicle concept art fro [...]

Remember Neo Paris?

Hey guys, as promised, some more concept art today. This time some additions from the video game Remember Me. Gregory Zoltan Szucs released a whole bunch of environment concept art from the game on his portfolio site(s). Check out the Remember Me gallery for these latest additions or the artist page of Gregory Zoltan Szucs for the links to his portfolio sites to enjoy his other works. [...]

Some More Raiding

Finally, some 'new' updates! Actually, they're concept art pieces from the Tomb Raider video game that came out last year. In light of the definitive edition that came out recently, Brenoch Adams released some of the work he did for this game. Enjoy! [...]

Where We Stand

No word yet from the company that is supposed to fix my work computer. But I've dusted off my 'old' electricity guzzling desktop over the weekend because I still have to work ;-). Which brings me to the updates. None yet for today, but for the coming days I have some nice things in store for you guys. [...]

Cannot Update...

Hey all, I won't be able to upload new content to the website this week. My computer broke down and I had to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs. I'll see if I can find something else to work from for Video Games Artwork but I just hope the repairs will be done soon. But, in the meantime, enjoy what's already here! ;-) [...]

1 Year And 10,000 Images Later!

Video Games Artwork is 1 year old! Yay! I want to thank all of you who have discovered Video Games Artwork the past year and kept coming back! Slowly but surely the number of people visiting the website increases, which is pretty cool considering I'm not promoting the website at all, aside from the posts I place on the Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest pages. Nonetheless, almost 60,000 people have v [...]

Environments For A Spy

Hey all! This weeks last update is some concept art from the video game Splinter Cell: Blacklist which I added to the gallery. They're all environment concepts created by Nacho Yagüe. Have a nice weekend! [...]

Ready To Get Wild?

The MMO WildStar is starting to shape up and the beta is underway. In the meantime, Garrett Hanna has released some of the concept art he created for the game. If you're also into a bit of cartoony style artwork, check out his websites, I think you'll like 'm. [...]

How To Be A Video Game Artist

Ok, the title is a bit misleading. I'm not going to tell you how to create incredible art like the ones on this website, but I can show you a good resource with tips, tricks and other information from professionals in the video game industry. And the best part is, it's free! Ryan Hawkins, Emil Mujanovic and Derek Burris publish the free magazine VERTEX, which you can download from the website. So [...]