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A Bit of Downfall

Today's update is a small one, consisting of concept art from the video game Downfall: Clash of Factions which is currently available for iOS. All of these pieces have been created by Rael Lyra. [...]

Some Rayman Art

After all the action of Assassin's Creed and Batman, I've uploaded some concept art from the latest Rayman game, Rayman Legends, created by Aymeric Kevin. It's all concept art from 2 levels of the game and keeping with the Rayman tradition, it all looks very colorful ;-) [...]

The Dark Art of Batman: Arkham Origins

The image gallery with concept art from the video game Batman: Arkham Origins has just been updated with a bunch of artworks from Virgile Loth, Daniel Kvasznicza and Meinert Hansen. Most of it are environment concepts and some props but there are also some early concepts of the batwing. Come and see for yourselves ;-) [...]

Supergiant Games Discounts

For all you guys who love the artwork from the video games Bastion and the upcoming Transistor from Supergiant Games, you're in luck! The developer Supergiant Games is currently offering a 20% discount on all items in their store, which has a few of posters with great concept art from both games done by their art director Jen Zee. I might buy some myself. [...]

Pirate Galore

We're not quite done yet with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag related concept art. During the release of the artbook, which I've reviewed, a few of the involved artists have released some of the work they did for the video game. A bunch of which isn't available in the artbook. The artists in question are Encho Enchev, Eddie Bennun, Martin Deschambault, Jan Urschel, Donglu Yu, Raphael Lacoste and N [...]

The Art of War

Today's update is all about the recently released Battlefield 4. I've managed to find a few character concepts and a bunch of scene and environment concepts of the game. Just take a look in the gallery and if you this really gets you excited, you can also consider to buy the artbook ;-) [...]

The Art of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Review

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've done anything with Video Games Artwork due to me having been on a hard earned vacation the past couple of weeks. But now I'm back and guess what I found in my mail upon arrival, a copy of The Art of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag! Courtesy of Titan Books, the publisher of the book who asked me to write a little review about it. Now I'm a bit of a sucker for [...]

But Here's Another One

I don't kow why but apparently Naughty Dog felt the need to create another Jak game. Why it got the roman number for 10 (or maybe it's just an actual X), I don't know. This was more of a race game than an actual continuation of the story from the previous games. There's mostly concept art from the racers. Probably the most interesting piece of this collection is the comparison sheet of Jax where a [...]

The End of The Trilogy

Jak 3 ended the actual story line of Jak and Daxter with some big story reveals. Like the previous two, Bob Rafei was the lead designer of the game. What I noticed is that with each iteration, Jak seems to get darker and moodier, design wise. It almost gives me the feeling I had with the design evolution of the Prince from the Sands of Time series. In the first game of that series, the prince was [...]

No Boba No More

What a shame that this video game will never see the light day, Star Wars 1313. I saw the gameplay trailer a while back and it looked very promising. After seeing the concept art created by Gustavo Mendonca, I feel even more sad. It looked like a really cool game, not typically Star Wars, but in a good way. Keeping my fingers crossed that Disney will decide to continue work on this game in the fut [...]