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Ready to jack in?!

Do I have something great for you guys! Gorgeous concept art from the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077. Not just scenes and props, but also promotional art and advertisements that will be seen in-game. It also shows the distinct styles between the different factions, which is pretty awesome.


The new website is online!

Wow, now this has been a long time coming! 5 years since the last update to be exact. A lot has happend in the meantime. Graduated university, got a job, bought a house, got married, having a child. So yeah, unfortunately Video Games Artwork did not get any love at all. But we're back, and with a vengeance might I add! So, as you can see, it's a whole new website.


It's Been A While

I know, I know. I've been neglecting you guys. I'm really sorry for that. It's been crazy busy these past few months. Graduating, job hunting, etc., etc. BUT, since I've now got a job, I'll probably be able to start scheduling updates again. Aaaaaaand....I'm working on a new version of the website. Much cleaner, smoother and just cooler ;-P So stay tuned! [...]

A Little Tomb

I got you guys a little sumthin' sumthin'. These concept art pieces from the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider have been released a couple of months ago, but I've added them today anyway, even though I couldn't find the artist who created them. They're huge! So I won't hold it against you if you download them to use as a wallpaper...or something ;-) [...]