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A Whole Lotta Destiny

Hey guys, I've uploaded a whoppin' 264 pieces of concept art from Destiny today for you to enjoy! Most of these pieces were released by their respective artists since Destiny has finally hit the shelves a while back. I've also updated a few of the existing artworks with either a new version of the artwork piece or with the artist responsible for creating it. Some of the updated are smaller than the 'original' ones, but that's because the 'originals' were apparently cropped for some reason. So even though some of the replaced images are smaller in size, they now some the whole piece. Kudos to Adrian Majkrzak, Alex Chin Yu Chu, Daniel Chavez, Darren Bacon, Joseph Cross, Dorje Bellbrook and Jesse van Dijk for creating the incredible artwork and for releasing them. Check out the gallery to see them in all their glory! ;-)

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