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The Spirit Blossom version of Ahri from the video game League of Legends

The spirits are blossoming in these videos

I have missed last weeks update with new concept art, due to a leak in the main water line in my home. So I haven't been able to make some time yet to gather and process new images. But there is something I'd like to share with you.

Some of you might know that in League of Legends, The Spirit Blossom Festival is currently underway. During this event you can create Spirit Bonds with certain characters. But, more importantly since we're about artwork on this website, this festival also comes with new skins and trailers. And oh boy do they look awesome. Riot Games went full anime on this one.

Riot Games recently posted a speed art video of the splash art of the character Ahri with her Spirit Blossom skin. You can watch this video on this page below. Buuuuut, for the trailers, Riot games went back to a 2D animation style, and like I said, it's basically an anime short.

So stop reading and start watching below!


Riot Games released 2 more speed art videos of characters in their Spirit Blossom outfits. Riven and Yone. They've been added below the existing videos. Have fun watching!

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