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Just a Little Bit More

You know, it just hit me that I'm getting old. I'm almost done with collecting and categorizing concept art from Borderlands 2, which I will upload tomorrow, and I was looking at all the artwork and suddenly realized that I never finished the game. Even more so, I've barely been able to play any of the cool games that came out the past couple of years. The reason that I was feeling old at that point was because back in the day when I was a kid, I was able to play almost every of the 'worthwhile' games that came out. But then again, there weren't that many that were worthwhile and the release dates between games was much larger than it is today. Video games these days are just fighting for attention right now. Anywho, tomorrow I'll upload a butt load of concept art from Borderlands 2, so stay tuned! ;-)

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