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The Art of Titanfall Review

“From battle-scarred arenas and deadly military bases to detailed Titan designs, The Art of Titanfall showcases the all-out warfare between the agile pilots and lethal Titans of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Frontier Militia - taking readers on a journey into the heart of man versus machine combat.” With this you’re welcomed into the book of The Art of Titanfall, which was provided by the good people from Titan Books (thanks guys!). This 192 page hardcover book showcases some select concept art from the upcoming video game Titanfall. The book itself is divided into four main sections namely Titans, Characters, Vehicles & Weapons and Locations and two very small sections at the end with some in-game graphics, such as logos and billboards, and a few renders of the models they used in the game. Throughout the book the author Andy McVittie provides some accompanying text where he explains the how and why of some of the artwork. The artwork itself is gorgeous and most of it takes up a full page. What is interesting though (*spoiler alert?*) is that after having seen quite some previews of the game, nowhere was it ever mentioned that there is a possible encounter with a giant (and I mean huuuuuuge) beast. There is some artwork of wildlife which, according to the text, are native to some of the planets you will probably visit when playing the game. Aside from the great artwork, I do have some comments about the book. First, but I might be wrong about this, it seems like a lot of the artwork in the Locations section uses 3D renders from the game which kind of breaks with the other 2D art. And secondly, the Vehicles & Weapons and Locations sections were a lot larger than the Titans and Characters sections. Which I found unfortunate because I would’ve liked to see more artwork of those. But, both of these comments are personal taste of course. So if you want to enjoy the great work the artists from Respawn did for Titanfall, you can buy The Art of Titanfall at Titan Books or through the web store.

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