Ys the Art Book [Japanese Edition]


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GA Bunko
SoftBank Creative
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JP Oversized, 280 pages
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"YS" possible record the sketch over 25 years From the PC version of "YS" Published in illustration until the sea of "trees of YS Celcate latest film" exhaustively! Also all illustrations illustrations mementos are State of the art included! Save version drew successive YS series illustrated art books. Until the 8 bit from YS-PC era to present Possible covering the related illustrations over the past 25 years. Posted by Pat deep 'forest Celceta the latest in VITA"illustrations. Various wallpapers, delivered by falcom official site illustration To rare illustrations used other benefits This is a all taste any and all artwork. "Jukai YS Celceta" "4. Kiseki alternative saga" YS SEVEN "YS I & II Chronicles" YS origin "YS - the oath of felghana-" "YS VI - Ark of Napishtim -" "YS I & II complete Edition" YS II eternal IRS "eternal" "Sand lost kefin" "Wanderers from Ys (YS III)" YS II "YS" YS heroines calendar Black and white illustrations Gallery YS piano collection JAPANESE TEXT.