The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Boxed Set


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Hardcover, 800 pages
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Yoshitaka Amano is one of the world's foremost fantasy artists, and the limited-edition The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy boxed set is a giant-sized (462 cubic inches!), signed collection of five books, plus bonus items that showcase Amano's ethereal illustrations for the first ten Final Fantasy games! The 12" high, 11" wide, and 3 1/2" deep box that encloses The Sky has a hinged lid decorated with artwork from Amano inside and out. Its contents include: Three 11 3/4" by 10 1/2" hardcover books, printed on high-quality stock. Volume 1 (144 pages) contains Amano's work for Final Fantasy I - III. Volume 2 (276 pages) contains his contributions for Final Fantasy IV - VI, and Volume 3 (156 pages) features his art for Final Fantasy VII - X. All About Yoshitaka Amano is 128 pages of photographs and images, serving as the most extensive look ever in English at the artist, including an interview with Amano, a timeline of his career, a glimpse into his studio in SoHo and his favorite places in New York, a visual index of each illustration that appears in the three The Sky hardcover art books, and more! A 2 1/4" by 4 3/4" 100 page Final Fantasy animation flip book designed by Amano, containing two different "movies." A 10 1/4" by 11" acetate print with silver ink. Two 5 3/4" by 8 1/4" postcards featuring the interior and exterior art used on the box. And finally, a signed 5 3/4" by 8 1/4" card by Yoshitaka Amano!