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The website has been updated!

Alrighty! I've updated the website with some bug fixes, some (re)theming and a few new features. First of all, the website has a store now! Well, not a reeaaaal store, but I do have an list of art books with concept art from various video games which you can buy. If you use the links on this website to buy them, I can earn some money to pay for the server this website is hosted on :-). I've provided links to the Amazon stores of the United States, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy. Keep in mind though, all the information concerning availability and price are from the US store. Prices and availability may differ at the other regions. I've also 'improved' the search results, as in, the results you get look a bit better now and won't contain any ads and you will only get relevant results, as in images and galleries. Not any of the other pages (unless you guys find that handy) 've added a glossary to the Games and Artists pages. So now you can click on a letter and you get only the games or artists that start with that letter. So no more long scrolls! The Latest section is now called News again and will contain only news items. Instead of a new gallery showing up in there as well, I will post news items on every update. And I've also added a content management page for the registered users. Here they can have an overview of the images they uploaded or edited and see whether they have been published or not. It seems I forgot this the first time bad ;-) So, that was it for the updates. If you guys have any requests or ideas, just let me know. I'm always curious about new ideas.

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