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Concept art of Closed Beta Key Art from the video game Valorant by Ke Su

That other game from Riot

So, we all know Riot Games from having developed League of Legends right? And that has been their sole focus for years. They did develop a card game recently, but that takes place in the same fictional universe. Well, most of you will probably also know that Riot Games developed a shooter. And for those of you who didn't, yes, you read that right, a shooter called Valorant. I haven't played it personally, but it kinda looks like Overwatch, and the reviews are quite positive. But that is not why you come to this website for, right?

The concept artists at Riot Games also created a lot of awesome artwork for the development of the game and you can view them in the gallery. We've also added the very stylish cinematic trailer that they released during launch.

Now on another note, it has been a while since We've posted any updates, and that's because we were working on something really cool that we'll release this week. So keep an eye on the website!

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