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Key concept art for the video game Star Wars: Fallen Order by Gustavo Henrique Mendonça

Before the Order fell

Phew, ok, so the main water line has been sorted out, mostly. So it's time for some new concept art! Just before the water leak, artist Gustavo Henrique Mendonça reached out to me through our Facebook page saying that he saw the art we posted about Star Wars: Fallen Order and that he worked on the project as well. He wanted to share his work on the video game with us and I have just added them to the gallery.

His work consists of very early concepts of the video game. Here's a excerpt from his website:

Early in 2016 before a full game team was assembled, Gus Mendonca was hired to help Respawn conceptualize what a new and original Star Wars game could look like. Gus focused heavily on quick visualization and prototyping, striving to generate many ideas with strong potential for development. Two of his earliest ideas proposed during the first meeting with Respawn were the concept of a Pet Droid companion and a Shipbreaker hero working at a remote location in the outer rims of the galaxy.

Gus shared inspirational reference images of workers dismantling massive oil tankers in India’s Bay of Bengal which excited the creative leads on the project. That small gem of an idea later became the Scrapper Guild and is now an official part of Star Wars Cannon.

Gus produced hundreds of concepts while working on Jedi Fallen Order and most of those images remain under wraps, however, we can now pull back the curtain on a few images that show the visual genesis of Jedi Fallen Order.

We've added some of his work in this post below, but if you want to see the rest of his work on Star Wars: Fallen Order, come to the gallery. And if you'd like to see more of Gustavo's other work, visit his website. You can also enjoy the video game Star Wars: Fallen Order on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One (X) and PC

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