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Hey guys and dolls, I just wanted to let you all know that Video Games Artwork can now also be found on Flipboard! Starting today I will flip all the new articles into the official Video Games Artwork Flipboard magazine. So if you're on Flipoard, you can now follow every update and reflip them as you desire. Now, you might wonder what the big deal is, since you already could just flip webpages onto Flipboard. The difference now is, is that the items in the Video Games Artwork magazine now fit within the Flipboard design. No more viewing the flipped item as a webpage that opens in Flipboard. Alternatively, you can also add the newly updated RSS feed from Video Games Artwork to your Flipboard account as well. Just search for in the search box of Flipboard. And of course, because I always post a beautiful high quality image with every article, the articles look gorgeous in Flipboard, if I say so myself ;-).

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