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1 Year And 10,000 Images Later!

Video Games Artwork is 1 year old! Yay! I want to thank all of you who have discovered Video Games Artwork the past year and kept coming back! Slowly but surely the number of people visiting the website increases, which is pretty cool considering I'm not promoting the website at all, aside from the posts I place on the Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest pages. Nonetheless, almost 60,000 people have visited Video Games Artwork the past year and together you guys have viewed almost 1,000,000 pages! Furthermore, after last Fridays update, the website now hosts more than 10,000 images of concept art from 113 video games. As some of you know, I'm doing this mostly because I love video games and art, and except for one other website I know of, there is nothing else where you can find concept art from different video games in one place. So even though 60,000 people in 12 months might not be a lot in the grand scale of things, I'd still like to thank all of you for visiting Video Games Artwork and making the search for new concept art worth it for me ;-)

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