An image gallery with concept art from the video game Brascot 6

On the Sovran Colonization Day celebration Benson is back to his duties. During Benson’s patrol a sudden explosion of electromagnetic bomb convulses the station. This explosion damages the major part of electric devices on the station and causes an automatic emergency shutdown of the main reactor that nourishes the orbital shield. Being in the epicenter of events Benson alone is trying to restore station’s work and meets face to face with his foes. Benson’s feeling of being close to the mission fulfilling turns out to be semblant. On his way he is obstructed not only by invaders, but also by betrayers from among his friends. His mission is also complicated by the fact that each of his foes has his own plans. During the game Benson understands how big the threat to the station and its habitants is. Struggling the enemy, finding betrayers and saving the loved ones become Benson's main concerns.